EPSB Asking for Input re Inclusive Education

The Edmonton Public School Board is committed to ongoing public engagement. It values strong connections with parents, community members, students and staff. Trustees are currently looking for stakeholder input in three key areas:

  • Whether to hold public board meetings during the day. Share your thoughts using an online survey, which is available until April 13.
  • What the District needs to do to put into place and support an inclusive education system. Provide your ideas to the Board’s Special Needs Task Force through the online survey by April 12.
  • How various factors affect school closures and ways the Board can keep schools open and vibrant. The Board’s School Closure Moratorium Committee is holding public meetings from April to October. The first meeting will be held on April 19.

To provide input on any of these issues visit the district website at www.epsb.ca and click on the appropriate link under “Board of Trustees want to hear from you!” to access the online surveys and find out more.

Janice Bell
Communications Consultant, Partners in Education
Edmonton Public Schools
One Kingsway, Edmonton, AB  T5H 4G9
P: (780) 429-8279 F: (780) 429-8288
E: Janice.Bell@epsb.ca / W: http://www.epsb.ca

Check out our new webpages at http://www.epsb.ca/familiescommunity/index.shtml

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