Newsletter: April 17, 2011

Table of Contents

  • Message from the President
  • Support Group Meetings
  • ADD & Loving It
  • SOAR
  • Uncles and Aunts At Large
  • Attention Research Update
  • Workshops for siblings of children with special needs
  • Volunteer

Message from the President

Greetings to all!  Below you’ll find information about our upcoming adult support group meeting and other related events, etc. Please share with anyone who may be interested in the information.

May 4th Adult Support Group Meeting

Dr. Nagy Youssef, a psychiatrist who specializes in diagnosing and treating adult ADHD will be featured. He will speak to the specific issues about diagnosis, treatment and other areas of concern for adults who have ADHD. Come with your questions and concerns. Please RSVP if you plan to attend.

ADD & Loving It

CanLearn Centre/Calgary Learning Centre presents comedian, educator, producer and award-winner Rick Green of the Red/Green Show on Tuesday, May 3rd at the Westin Calgary (320- 4Ave SW), Mayfair Room. Doors open at 7:30 pm with presentation at 8 pm. FREE with pre-registration.

SOAR (Success Oriented Achievement Realized)

Summer adventure programs for children, youth and young adults with ADHD and/or LD based out of the US. Please see below for further information.

Uncles and Aunts At Large

This well-established organization has programs to support families with a number of events and programs. Volunteers offer companionship, mentoring and friendly support to children ages 6 to 18 from single-parent families.  for more information.

Attention Research Update

If you’re interested in keeping current with new research about ADHD you may want to subscribe to this email sent by Dr. David Rabiner from Duke University in North Carolina. There is no cost to subscribe and you can unsubscribe at anytime. The reviews of recent research cover many topics related to ADHD (ie. treatment, diet, etc.). You can subscribe

Sibshops (for siblings of children with special needs)

There are two more spring sibshops for those who are interested (May 7 and June 25). See below for further information.


We would like some help in researching, tracking and documenting community resources for those affected by ADHD – from children to adults. This can range from social skills training to coaching. They can be free or paid services. If you like sleuth work and would be interested in helping out this way, please email us.

Rachel Rogers, Chapter Coordinator
CHADD Edmonton Chapter

Support Group Meetings

ADHD support group meetings held 1st Wednesday of each month, 7 PM. Members and non-members welcome. Come expecting to support and be supported. Garden Café (Tim Hortons) available around the corner. RSVP to

Adult Support Meetings

May 4: Adult ADHD: Dr. Nagy Youssef, Psychiatrist
July 6: Round table

Parent Support Meetings

June 1: ADHD Medications: Dr. Robin Smith, Pediatrician
August 3: Round table

Workshops for siblings of children with special needs!

Join us! These workshops will provide opportunities for brothers and sisters of children with special health, mental health and developmental needs to obtain peer support and education within a recreational context.

Sibshops are lively, pedal-to-the-metal celebrations of the many contributions made by  brothers and sisters of kids with special needs. Sibshops acknowledge that being the brother or sister of a person with special needs is for some a good thing, others a not-so-good thing and for many somewhere in between. They reflect a belief that brothers and sisters have much to offer one another, if they are given the chance.

The Sibshop model intersperses Information and discussion activities with new games (designed to be unique, off beat, and appealing to a wide ability range), cooking activities, art and recreational activities and special guests.

Sibshops seek to provide siblings with opportunities for peer support. Because Sibshops are designed (primarily) for school aged children, peer support is provided within a lively, recreational context that emphasizes a kids’-eye-view.

Sibshops are not therapy, group or otherwise, although their effect may be therapeutic for some children. Sibshops acknowledge that most brothers and sisters of people with special needs, like their parents, are doing well, despite the challenges of an illness or disability.

For more info, contact Debi Currie at 780-496-7318 or

9 – 12 year olds, Saturday, May 7
10 am – 2 pm , City Arts Centre (10943 – 84 Ave.)
#386272 / $32.10

13 – 15 year olds, Saturday, June 25
11 am – 3 pm, City Arts Centre ( 10943 – 84 Ave.)
#386271 / $32.10

To Register call 311 or Registration begins Feb 1, 2011


** SOAR – Success Oriented Achievement Realized **

Success Oriented Achievement Realized features success-oriented, high adventure programs for preteens, teens and adults with Learning Disabilities (LD) and Attention Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder (AD/HD). Emphasis is placed on developing self-confidence, social skills, problem-solving techniques, a willingness to attempt new challenges and the motivation, which comes through successful goal orientation.

SOAR’s nationally recognized program has successfully challenged young people since 1975. Operating out of Balsam, North Carolina and Dubois, Wyoming, the SOAR staff lead expeditions throughout the Southeast, Florida Keys, Caribbean, Rockies, Desert Southwest, and California. The out-of-doors provides an ideal classroom where relevant learning can occur and life skills can be taught. Adventure activities include: wilderness backpacking, horsepacking, llama trek, rock climbing, caving, mountain biking, whitewater rafting, wildlife studies, fly fishing, mountaineering, SCUBA diving, snorkeling, sea kayaking and wilderness medicine. Summer expeditions range from two to four weeks in length and can be linked together for a longer experience. Shorter adventures of three to six days are planned for the spring, fall and winter. Semester-length courses are available in the spring and fall.

This summer SOAR is also hosting a program on the campus of the Brehm Preparatory School in Carbondale, IL, providing a more traditional summer camp opportunity for children who may not be as interested in outdoor adventures.

We offer a unique Postgraduate Adventure, specifically for young adults ages 18-25, which focuses on developing life skills and the transition into adulthood. This 18-day program is based out of Balsam, NC and includes a week trip to the Outerbanks, NC.

Participants include young men and women, between the ages of eight and twenty five, who are of average or above average intelligence and physical aptitude. Such an individual may have been identified as having a specific learning deficit or diagnosed with AD/HD and may be characterized as an underachiever in the traditional academic setting. The only ability required of participants is that they be able to enjoy the beautiful out-of-doors and be willing to challenge themselves. Youth who are diagnosed with emotional or behavioral handicaps or are demonstrating significant behavioral problems are discouraged from applying.

Experiential learning activities allow each student many opportunities to discover and develop his or her own learning abilities. The result is an individual who is cognizant of personal strengths and more willing to confront areas of challenge. Each student comes to view life as a series of challenges and opportunities, rather than a series of problems, just as the students come to view themselves as problem-solvers, rather than only part of the “problem.”

To learn more about SOAR, please visit

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