Newsletter: December 19, 2011


We are quickly approaching Christmas and many of you will be scurrying around searching for that special gift and/or engaging in pre-Christmas feasting. The season brings the potential for great joy and wonderful memory-making, but also for sorrow – lost dreams, weary hearts and feelings of despair. We encourage you take some time to reflect on the best things in your life right now and to envision hope for the future.

Our new identity!

We have become AAGE: ADHD Association of Greater Edmonton, a non-profit society. This is an exciting time for our organization and we hope to be able to offer more and better to the ADHD community in the coming years. You will see some changes but we remain committed to improving the lives of those in Greater Edmonton affected by ADHD through education, support, resources and advocacy.

Please note that we now have a new email address: However, we will receive your communication regardless of which email address you send it to. We will continue to post all our previous e-newsletters at this website, including our monthly schedule and other information.

If you share the same commitment and passion and would like to volunteer in any way, we welcome whatever talents you bring to the table. Let us know.

January 11th Support Group Meeting – note change in date!

We have moved the January meeting to the second Wednesday because schools are still out on the 4th. We are pleased to have Dr. Paul Soper, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, speak on ADHD and Comorbidities: All That Fidgets Is Not The Same. ADHD often comes along with other mental health disorders, sometimes making it hard to know which is which.

Although this presentation falls in the month designated for adults it is, of course, open to parents since Dr. Soper specializes in ADHD in children and youth. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Revised Monthly Schedule

Please find attached the AAGE Monthly Schedule for the year.

Core Social Skills Training – Level 2

The Level 2 programs will be starting in February and Level 3 in April. One of the St. Albert groups for Level 2 is already full, but there is still some space in the other one and also in the Edmonton groups. Parents are encouraged to register and pay as soon as possible as spots fill up quickly. See attachments for information and registration forms. (2012 Core Social Skills programs and Registration form for Levels 2-3, 2012.)

*Please remember that costs for psychological services may be reimbursed through extended health insurance plans, and can be claimed as a child health tax credit on income tax.

A.P.P.S. – Anxiety – Planned, Positive Strategies (for adults)

Leanne Wiedman, life coach/facilitator, will be offering a 6 group session plus 8 individual session program focusing on using successful strategies to manage anxiety, bring about change and increase quality of life for adults. Potential areas that will be explored in the group sessions are: recognizing signs of anxiety, relaxation strategies, emotional regulation, mindfulness and cognition awareness and frustration management. This program has been designed for adults who face difficulties in these areas and may have been diagnosed with a disability such as Asperger’s Syndrome, Non-Verbal Learning Disorder, Pragmatic Language Disorders, ADHD or other learning challenges. Attached is further information. (6 session APPS anxiety poster, March 2011)


Dr. David Rabiner reviews a study done in Iceland with adults that examined the effectiveness of cognitive behaviour therapy on core ADHD symptoms. You can read reviews of other research by Dr. Rabiner at

Rachel Rogers, President

ADHD Association of Greater Edmonton

Parent and Adult support group meetings held 1st Wed of each month, 7-9 PM, Rm. B-016, Misericordia Hospital. Please RSVP to confirm your attendance.

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