Talk by Dr. Paul Soper, January 2011

The ADHD Association of Greater Edmonton was fortunate to have Dr. Paul Soper come to talk at its meeting on January 11. Notes from a remarkably informative evening can be downloaded as a Word document. Here, however, are some highlights from his talk.

Remember these things

These kids don’t come with a manual. Your child has a disability/difference. Your mom and dad, siblings, friends, and other parents who haven’t dealt with a child with ADHD don’t get it and often can’t advise you.

However, it’s incredibly hard to screw up a child. We are designed to care for these children, and to give them the unconditional love they need.

The top three things that work for children with ADHD? Love, empathy, and connection is 90% of what matters. All the rest of the things parents do make up the other 10%.

Dr. Soper strongly believes that kids would do well if they could. What does this look like? They want to do well in school, have a good relationship with their parents, and have friends.

Recommended Reading

Dr. Soper sees Dr. Russell Barkley’s Taking Charge of ADHD as required reading for parents.

Dr. Soper recommends a book that helps parents learn to use language that works when talking with professionals: How to Make the System Work for Your Child with ADHD by Peter Jensen.

Ross Greene has written two books that are well worth reading: Lost at School and The Explosive Child. Both apply the principles of Collaborative Problem Solving but in two settings (school and home). Dr. Soper highly recommends the use of CPS as it teaches important life skills to youngsters with ADHD.

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