Aiden’s Story

Aiden recently won First Prize in the 2nd annual Writer’s Block Contest. “Writer’s Block: Overcoming Adversity, Positive Stories from People with Learning Disabilities” is run by the Learning Disabilities Association of Alberta, Edmonton Chapter.

Hi, my name is Aiden, I am 10 years old and I am in grade 4. I love dinosaurs, my favorite dinosaure is Spinasaures, it has a cool sail on it’s back. I know more about dinosaurs than any one I know and I want to be a palaeontologist when I am older. I also like rocks and all animals.

I first noticed I was different in grade 2. All my other friends could sit still but not me. I had to move around, talk all the time and touch everything. I love school and my teachers and all my friends. But school in grade 2 was hard. My mom said we had to work hard on my reading because I was behind all the other kids. Half way into grade 2, my mom started to see something was wrong. My teacher Miss H said I was having trouble paying attention, and at home I was getting really mad all the time. One day my mom said she thinks I have ADHD but we should call Dr Don to see if he can help. When I found out I did have ADHD I thought that it was good, because my Uncle Nathan had ADD and he is a really cool guy.

I started to take pills for ADHD. I like taking pills because it helps me. I still had to work really hard at school.… My grade 3 teacher was Mrs R, she helped me a lot and she said I was the best behaved kid in the class, and she called me the Math Whiz because I was so good at math, I was the best in the class. I worked really hard to be the best.

I have a lot of friends, my best friend is Trahan. They don’t care if I have ADHD, they think ADHD means you are good at everything, because they think I am good at everything. My favourite subject is math. I am very good at math. I had to work really hard to sit still and pay attention so I could learn. In grade 2 I had to sit by myself because I would talk and bother people, but in Mrs R’s class I worked really hard to sit beside people without bothering them. I liked being called the Math Whiz, so I worked harder. In grade 3 all the kids write a test called P.A.T. test. I studied really hard and on my Language Arts I got 97% and on my Math P.A.T test I got 100%. I was the only one in the school who got 100%. Having ADHD makes things hard and you have to work harder. I have had ADHD always, so I don’t know what it is like to be normal, but I like being me!

Aiden, February 2012

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