Newsletter: November 13, 2012

AAGE – ADHD Association of Greater Edmonton

We are a registered non-profit society whose objective is to improve the lives of those living with ADHD through education, support, resources and advocacy.

Parent Support Group Meeting – Wednesday, December 5 (7-9 PM) @ Misericordia Hospital

We will continue viewing the Russell Barkley DVD ADHD from A to Z, recorded last fall. We will be watching hour long segments for the subsequent meetings followed by an hour of round table discussion. Please RSVP if you plan to attend.

Adult Support Group Meeting – Wednesday, November 21 (7-9 PM) @ U of A Hospital (NOT the 28th as previously set)

Please note change in venue: University Hospital (Walter Mackenzie Health Sciences Centre) Classroom A (see attached map, including directions). We will begin our meeting with viewing the DVD “ADD and Mastering It” followed by a round table discussion. Please RSVP if you plan to attend.

Tourette’s Syndrome Edmonton

A presentation titled “Reducing the Stress of Parenting a Child with T.S./ADHD or OCD” originally scheduled for November 7th has been rescheduled for Thursday, December 6th. You may find more information about this group and the presentation by Dr. Mulholland by going to their website. ( The chapter welcomes members and volunteers. See attached info.

Anxiety: Planned, Positive Strategies

Leanne Weidman, Coach/Facilitator, Helping Hands Lifestyle Management, is running individual anxiety sessions. If you are interested contact her at Please see attached information.

ADHD For Teens

This article is written for teens and is full of excellent information geared to the teen living with ADHD. However, it is very long and your teen may not be able to get through it. It may best be used by you as a parent in manageable bits as you talk to your teen.

Best Principles of Managing a Child with ADHD

These practical principles are adapted from a presentation by Dr. Russell Barkley who also wrote Taking Charge of ADHD, one of the best books available on raising a child with ADHD. Try them out and see what works for your child.

Dealing with Clutter

This article from ADDitude Magazine has some helpful tips and strategies.


In this issue of Attention Research Update, Dr. Rabiner reviews what he thinks is a very interesting study in which the researchers examine the beliefs about medication treatment held by college students with ADHD. In his article “Beliefs about Medication Treatment – Concerns about Loss of Self,” you will see they found significant differences in the beliefs of students who continued to use medication in relation to those who had discontinued its use. Particularly interesting were concerns reported by some students that stimulant treatment resulted in the loss of some authentic aspect of themselves.

AAGE Executive News

If anyone has suggestions as to agencies or locations where an information flyer on AAGE could be displayed, please email it to
We would also like the names of general practitioners, psychologists and psychiatrists that are able to treat ADHD children and adults if you could email them to
Dorothy Comfort, a new executive member, has kindly agreed to take on the job of writing the monthly e-newsletter. Thanks Dorothy!

Stay on our website to review archived e-newsletters, meeting schedules, links to other ADHD websites and resources.

Rachel Rogers, President

ADHD Association of Greater Edmonton

Parent support group meetings held 1st Wednesday of each month, 7-9 PM, Rm. B-016, Misericordia Hospital.
Adult support group meetings held 3rd Wednesday of each month, 7-9 PM, U of A Hospital.
Please RSVP to confirm your attendance.

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