Research Project Needs Children 9-14

Alison McInnis is conducting a research project on oral language skills and executive functions in children with ADHD, and is looking to recruit participants between 9-14 years of age. The study involves assessment of basic and higher level oral language skills, reading, writing, and executive functions (e.g., working memory, problem-solving).

Alison is a registered Speech-Language Pathologist and so can offer parents a clinical report about their child’s language, reading, and writing skills, which could be of benefit at their child’s school. In her past research experience, parents have been quite positive about having oral language skills assessed as this is typically not a focus of assessments their children have received at school. Also, in older children, this area is often overlooked and yet many children with ADHD have issues with oral language skills that also underlie their academic difficulties.

Click here to download a parent letter from Alison McInnis and here for a notice to parents about research project.

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