Summer Interactive Skills Program, July 21 to 25, 2014

The Summer Interactive Skills Program is the summer session for the Training in Core Social Skills Program. It will take place July 21 to 25.

This is a fun way to practice social skills in a safe environment with 1-1 coaching. There are usually about 10 children in each program, with 3 leaders, allowing for assessment and effective coaching for individual differences. There is also a parent coaching session, to help generalize skills outside of the program. Teachers are always welcome to attend the parent coaching meetings.

Extended health insurance will generally cover costs for psychological services, and anyone who has an FSCD contract should ask their case manager, as they have now agreed to support the social skills program. The summer program would qualify for respite as well.

Please see attached documents for more details from Corinne Eckert: Social Skills programs_2013-2014 and Summer Interactive Skills Sessions. To register, email or call (780) 454-4634.