Newsletter: July 26, 2014

AAGE – ADHD Association of Greater Edmonton

We are a registered non-profit society whose objective is to offer information and support to those living with ADHD in the Greater Edmonton Area through awareness, education and resources.

You are invited!

Parent Support Group Meeting – Wednesday, August 6 (7-9 PM) @ Misericordia Hospital, Room B-016

Now that summer holidays are here there are new and recurring challenges for parents. The open discussions at the meeting will focus on those challenges as well as successful strategies.

Adult and Partner Support Group Meeting – Wednesday, August 20 (7-9 PM) @ U of A Hospital, Classroom A

University Hospital, Walter Mackenzie Health Sciences Centre. (See attached map, including directions).

ADHD adults can find life very frustrating and discouraging. When you come to our meetings you will find out that you are not alone! People from all walks and stages of life come together to share their stories. Through open discussion on topics relevant to the group member’s concerns you will find support, understanding and information.

Partners of ADHD adults have their own set of challenges. The Partner Support Group will meet separately for a round table discussion about issues that impact their relationships.


We DESPERATELY need someone with effective writing skills to take over publishing the e-newsletter as I am moving away in September! This is a job that can be done from home using the MailChimp program. It would take about 4 hours to do the newsletter plus two meeting reminders each month. You will have lots of support when you begin. Think about it and contact Rachel at


  • Parent Support Group: A mixed group of new members and regular attendees participated in some excellent discussions. Members left felt supported and inspired by the meeting.
  • Adult Support Group/Partner Support Group: A mixed group of new members and regular attendees participated in some excellent discussions. All participants expressed a positive response to the meeting.
  • The Spray Park Picnic was a great afternoon in the sunshine for all who attended.

Research Study

Notice to parents/guardians regarding a research study at the Faculty of Education, University of Alberta Study. This is a study of Language and Executive Functions in children with attention and learning difficulties. The target age for this study is 9-14 years. The study involves one day of assessment during July and August. Contact Alison McInnes, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Special Education, Speech Language Pathologist. (Reg. ACSLPA) Department of Educational Psychology Faculty of Education, University of Alberta (780) 492-­‐9634. Check out this link for more information.

Other Opportunities

88th Polaris Scout Group. This Scout group is geared towards youth with neurological or mental health conditions including sensory processing disorder, ADHD, learning disabilities, OCD, nonverbal learning disability, Autism Spectrum Disorders including Asperger’s, anxiety, Tourette’s, ODD, bipolar, schizophrenia, etc.
We are very excited about introducing the benefits of the Scouting program to youth who may not have had positive experiences in community organizations in the past. Our goal is to follow the Scouting program but structuring and supporting it in a way that ensures that our youth members experience growth, success and fun.
Scouts Canada is a volunteer driven, youth focused, non-profit organization. Our mission is to contribute to the education of young people, through a value system based on the Scout Promise and Law, to help build a better world where people are self-fulfilled as individuals and play a constructive role in society. A mission which becomes even more important for youth with special needs.
The exact composition and activities of this group will be based on the needs and interests of the participating youth following the guidelines of Scouts Canada. Parent or caregiver participation is required to ensure a successful experience for all. Contact: Lloyd at or phone 780-993-9501.

ADHD Pen Pals. This is an opportunity for ADHD children to exchange letters by “Snail Mail.” A group of moms have set this program up for their own children and find the kids really look forward to receiving their letters in the mail. If you would like more information please email Jody Draganiuk.


AAGE works closely with other groups in the area that offer information to our members about speakers, workshops and activities that they are sponsoring. Please check our website for links to:


Educating ourselves about ADHD or Executive Dysfunction is one of the most important tools one can use to assist with coping strategies.

Following are some sources for information.

  • ADDitude Magazine has excellent articles about childhood, adolescent and adult ADHD and it is free to sign up for their weekly newsletters. Check out the latest article on The Myths and Misconceptions Others Have about ADHD Children.
  • Webcasts:ADDitude Magazine‘s ADHD Expert Podcasts and Live Webinars address topics that will help you better manage symptoms, your family, and your life.They are hosted by top experts in the field, all of whom are contributors to ADDitude Magazine. Their latest webinar is:

    • Normal Is So Overrated:  Strategies to Feel Good About Your ADHD Brain with Stacey Turis July 29 @ 1 pm EDT. In this free webinar, Stacey Turis, an adult living with ADHD and giftedness and the author of Here’s to Not Catching Our Hair on Fire: An Absent-Minded Tale of Life with Giftedness and Attention Deficit — Oh Look! A Chicken!, will address the topics of:
      >> How to prevent others from making you feel guilty;
      >> When you do something that deserves respect, learn to give it to yourself;
      >> How to stop comparing yourself to others.
  • Totally ADD: Rick Green is a comedian and writer who, along with his wife Ava, have produced this website that addresses the issues of ADHD. Rick shares his own journey through Adult ADHD with a comedic approach toward his challenges. This website offers many resources and webinars addressing childhood and adult ADHD.
    • Thriving in the ADHD Relationship with Rick Green and Nancie Kohlenberger, on Monday, July 28th, 6:00 – 7:30 pm MDT. The webinar will cover the following:
      · How you are different: AD/HD Partner vs. Non-AD/HD Partner
      · The impact of ADHD symptoms
      · What are some of the Emotional “Hot Spots” in the ADHD relationship? They include: Getting appropriate Treatment, The Parent/Child Dynamic, Grief and Anger, and Chore Wars
      · Turning Arguments into “Good” Fights
      · The Intentional Relationship: The importance of “Attend” TimeNancie Kohlenberger is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and a Marriage Consultant in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. She’s a published author of the book The Couple’s Guide to Thriving with ADHD, with Melissa Orlov. Most recently, she’s been blogging on the website, and you can find Nancie’s website at

      Monday, July 28th at 8:00pm EDT (5:00pm PST)

      Please note this is a 90 minute Webinar

      Secure your spot for this webinar now!
      Registration closes at 6 pm EDT (3 pm EST) on July 28th.

      Register Now!

      Note:  On the Webinar page, you must Log In first, then select ‘More Details’.


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AAGE Executive News

  • We would like the names of general practitioners, psychologists, and psychiatrists who are able to treat ADHD children and adults. Please email them to
  • We are always looking for new AAGE Board members who would commit to monthly meetings and duties. Please email Rachel Rogers if you are interested, at
  • If you have a book or an article that you think would be interesting to parents, children, teens or adults, please nominate it for a review so that it could be published in our newsletter.

AAGE Executive

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