Online Study Skills Workshop

Many students can benefit from explicitly learning about note taking, study and test taking strategies. Foothills Academy’s online workshop allows students to learn and review study strategies conveniently at home. The Online Study Skills Workshop can benefit all students from grade 6 through to post-secondary. Participants can opt to complete it on their own or with the guidance of a parent or tutor. Additional information is provided to support students with LD and ADHD. Learn and review through videos, narrated Powerpoints, on-line surveys, polls and more. The cost is $60.

Topics covered include:
* Effective Note-taking
* Your Study Environment
* Creating a Study Schedule
* Learning Styles
* What type of learner are you?
* Test Taking
* General Test-taking tips

Suitable for: middle school, junior high, high school and post-secondary students; parents; tutors; homeschoolers

To register, complete the online registration form.