No Motivation? Read this article from ADDitude Magazine

ADHD sometimes saps our motivation. When it does, tackling a to-do list may feel impossible. Use these tips to get it done — even when you just don’t feel like it.

by Laurie Dupar, PMHNP, RN, PCC

An ADDitude reader recently wrote to me: “I know that I’m supposed to do the things on my to-do list each day, but I don’t. I have no motivation — and I feel down on myself because of the mistakes and missteps I have made due to my ADHD symptoms. How do I get motivated to do what I’m supposed to do when I’m not feeling good about myself and my abilities?” (Read More)

Help for New Year’s Resolutions, from ADDitude Magazine

ADDitude magazine is backed by a scientific advisory board of leading mental health, behavioral, and educational experts and is a trusted source of information and advice for families touched by attention-deficit disorder. ADDitude brings readers the latest news and research on ADHD, learning disabilities, and related health topics.

Below you will links to informative articles that may help you reach some desired goals this year.

Exercise and Lose Weight:

Eat Healthier and Live Better:

Kill Your Clutter:

Manage Your Money:

Be a Better Friend:

Self-Advocacy for Students

Self-advocacy is learning to speak up on your behalf and ask for what you need. It is learning to take
charge and be more independent. It builds self-confidence. Confident students feel better about
themselves, take more risks, ask for the help and clarification they need and consequently do better in
school and in life.

As students enter the higher grades it becomes increasingly important that they are able to express their
needs in a positive way as they are expected to be more independent as learners.

Download this excellent PDF resource from CanLearn Society for more information and support.

Learning Disabilities Edmonton is Looking for Volunteers for a Fundraising Committee

LD Edmonton is starting a fundraising committee to help raise funds and resources for its programs and are looking for volunteers to help with the new committee. No fundraising experience is required, all that is necessary is that people can volunteer one night a month. If you are interested in volunteering, please email LD Edmonton at or telephone their office at 780-466-1011.

Online Study Skills Workshop

Many students can benefit from explicitly learning about note taking, study and test taking strategies. Foothills Academy’s online workshop allows students to learn and review study strategies conveniently at home. The Online Study Skills Workshop can benefit all students from grade 6 through to post-secondary. Participants can opt to complete it on their own or with the guidance of a parent or tutor. Additional information is provided to support students with LD and ADHD. Learn and review through videos, narrated Powerpoints, on-line surveys, polls and more. The cost is $60.

Topics covered include:
* Effective Note-taking
* Your Study Environment
* Creating a Study Schedule
* Learning Styles
* What type of learner are you?
* Test Taking
* General Test-taking tips

Suitable for: middle school, junior high, high school and post-secondary students; parents; tutors; homeschoolers

To register, complete the online registration form.

Anxiety in the Classroom

With end of term and exams ahead, students may experience higher anxiety. Here are some resources recommended by Foothills Academy in Calgary, for teachers and parents.

Is Anxiety Contagious? by Dr. Karen MacMillan
Managing Test Anxiety by Melanie Reader
Anxiety: Why It’s Different Than Stress by Peg Rosen
Mental Health Online Resources for Educators; professional development opportunities for teachers in southern Alberta.

Newsletter: November 30, 2014

November 30, 2014

AAGE – ADHD Association of Greater Edmonton

We are a registered non-profit society whose objective is to offer information and support to those living with ADHD in the Greater Edmonton Area through awareness, education and resources.

Join Us!

Parent Support Group Meeting – Wednesday, December 3 (7-9 PM) @ Misericordia Hospital, Room B-016

Round table discussion.

Adult and Partner Support Group Meeting – Wednesday, December 17 (7-9 PM) @ U of A Hospital, Classroom A

University Hospital, Walter Mackenzie Health Sciences Centre. (See attached map, including directions).


  • Parent Support Group: A mixed group of new members and regular attendees participated in some excellent discussions. Members left felt supported and inspired by the meeting.
  • Adult Support Group/Partner Support Group: A mixed group of new members and regular attendees participated in some excellent discussions. All participants expressed a positive response to the meeting.

New On Our Website

Many students can benefit from explicitly learning about note taking, study, and test taking strategies. This online workshop hosted by Foothills Academy allows students to learn and review study strategies conveniently at home. More details here.

Is social media really ‘social’? American rapper Richard Williams riffs on the difference between social media and experiencing life. Check it out.

All these articles and postings and MANY MORE are available on our website.


AAGE works closely with other groups in the area that offer information to our members about speakers, workshops and activities that they are sponsoring. Please check our website for links to:


Educating ourselves about ADHD or Executive Function Disorder is one of the most important tools we can use to assist with coping strategies. Following are some sources of information.

  • ADDitude Magazine has excellent articles about childhood, adolescent and adult ADHD and it is free to sign up for their weekly newsletters.
  • Webcasts:ADDitude Magazine‘s ADHD Expert Podcasts and Live Webinars address topics that will help you better manage symptoms, your family, and your life. They are hosted by top experts in the field, all of whom are contributors to ADDitude Magazine. This month: Signs of Anxiety in ADHD Adults and Kids. The webinar runs Dec. 3 at 11 a.m. MDT. More details, and registration information, can be found here.
  • Totally ADD: Rick Green is a comedian and writer who, along with his wife Ava, have produced this website that addresses the issues of ADHD. Rick shares his own journey through Adult ADHD with a comedic approach toward his challenges. This website offers many resources and webinars addressing childhood and adult ADHD.

AAGE Executive News

  • We would like the names of general practitioners, psychologists, and psychiatrists who are able to treat ADHD children and adults. Please email them to
  • We are always looking for new AAGE Board members who would commit to monthly meetings and duties. Please email Rachel Rogers if you are interested, at
  • If you have a book or an article that you think would be interesting to parents, children, teens or adults, please nominate it for a review so that it could be published in our newsletter.

AAGE Executive

Rachel Rogers, President
Cathie Crooks, Secretary and Webmaster
Chris Evans, Member at Large and Acting Financial Manager
Jody Draganiuk, Member at Large
Dave Breakenridge, Newsletter
Ric Gibbons, Member at Large
Fred Sawka, Tech Committee Chair

ADHD Association of Greater Edmonton