Self-Advocacy for Students

Self-advocacy is learning to speak up on your behalf and ask for what you need. It is learning to take
charge and be more independent. It builds self-confidence. Confident students feel better about
themselves, take more risks, ask for the help and clarification they need and consequently do better in
school and in life.

As students enter the higher grades it becomes increasingly important that they are able to express their
needs in a positive way as they are expected to be more independent as learners.

Download this excellent PDF resource from CanLearn Society for more information and support.

Learning Disabilities Edmonton is Looking for Volunteers for a Fundraising Committee

LD Edmonton is starting a fundraising committee to help raise funds and resources for its programs and are looking for volunteers to help with the new committee. No fundraising experience is required, all that is necessary is that people can volunteer one night a month. If you are interested in volunteering, please email LD Edmonton at or telephone their office at 780-466-1011.

Success @ Schools Guides from ADDitude Magazine, curated by Dr. David Rabiner

David Rabiner, Research Professor at Duke University, has kindly put together a list of resources from ADDitude Magazine that might be useful to parents and students. See if there are any topics that spark your interest.

Build or Refine Your IEP or 504 Plan:

(Please note that in Alberta, we have IPPs, or Individualized Program plans Plans, rather than IEPs.)

Finding Accommodations That Work:

How your Teen with ADHD can Thrive in High School –

Test Taking Tips for High Schoolers with ADHD –

ADDitude magazine is backed by a scientific advisory board of leading mental health, behavioral, and educational experts and is a trusted source of information and advice for families touched by attention-deficit disorder. As the nation’s only independent magazine about attention-deficit disorder, ADDitude brings readers the latest news and research on ADHD, learning disabilities, and related health topics.

Online Study Skills Workshop

Many students can benefit from explicitly learning about note taking, study and test taking strategies. Foothills Academy’s online workshop allows students to learn and review study strategies conveniently at home. The Online Study Skills Workshop can benefit all students from grade 6 through to post-secondary. Participants can opt to complete it on their own or with the guidance of a parent or tutor. Additional information is provided to support students with LD and ADHD. Learn and review through videos, narrated Powerpoints, on-line surveys, polls and more. The cost is $60.

Topics covered include:
* Effective Note-taking
* Your Study Environment
* Creating a Study Schedule
* Learning Styles
* What type of learner are you?
* Test Taking
* General Test-taking tips

Suitable for: middle school, junior high, high school and post-secondary students; parents; tutors; homeschoolers

To register, complete the online registration form.

Newsletter: January 28, 2014

AAGE – ADHD Association of Greater Edmonton

We are a registered non-profit society whose objective is to offer information and support to those living with ADHD in the Greater Edmonton Area through awareness, education and resources.

You are invited!

Parent Support Group Meeting – Wednesday, February 5 (7-9 PM) @ Misericordia Hospital, Room B-016

Michele Pentyliuk will be speaking on “The Changing Role of School Psychologists.” Michele Pentyliuk, M.Ed., is a Registered Psychologist and Certified Teacher who has dedicated her career to working with students with diverse learning needs. Initially a Special Education teacher, she entered private practice as an educational consultant before embarking on her graduate program in Special Education. Now a School Psychologist, she conducts assessments to identify learning strengths and needs, and works with students to help them master effective learning strategies. She has presented hundreds of workshops throughout the country and developed several educational guides and tools. As a volunteer with the Learning Disabilities Association of Alberta for more than 20 years, she facilitated support groups, worked on numerous committees, and served as provincial president for three years. Please RSVP if you plan to attend.

Adult and Partner Support Group Meeting – Wednesday, February 19 (7-9 PM) @ U of A Hospital, Classroom A

University Hospital, Walter Mackenzie Health Sciences Centre. (See attached map, including directions).

We will begin our meeting with our Annual General Meeting, which should take about twenty minutes and then a representative from Distinctive Employment Counselling Services of Alberta (DESCA) will be speaking. DESCA develops and provides services to assist individuals with employment barriers achieve paid and meaningful employment and assists employers find engaged and capable employees. It is a community based, non-profit organization with decades of experience (since 1977). Please RSVP if you plan to attend. The Partner Support Group will move to the cafeteria for a round table discussion after the AGM.

Events Review

The Parent Support Group – There were 18 people in attendance on January 8th, both new and returning. There was lots of interest in the topic of medications at this roundtable discussion. We also talked about working to create connections between parents, to exchange support such as child care exchanges. Finally, several parents volunteered to help distribute our handout.

The Adult Support Group – About 20 people, including several members from the Parent Group, met on January 15th for a very informative meeting with Dr. Robin Smith who addressed the topic of ADHD medications.

Upcoming Events

February 8: Free Family Pool Party!

Grand Trunk Fitness and Leisure Centre
13025 – 112 Street
Saturday, February 8, from 4 to 6 p.m.

Come and join other families for a fun time swimming and getting to know other members of our ADHD support groups. Snacks and refreshments will be available. Parents of older children don’t have to swim! Come and socialize.

**It is really important that you RSVP ( as participation will be on a “first come first serve” basis. It will also help us determine how much food to buy. However, if you didn’t RSVP, please come anyway. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

January 30You, Me and We…with ADHD with Rick and Ava Green at the John Dutton Theatre, Central Branch Calgary Public Library, 616 Macleod Trail S.E. Calgary at 7:00 p.m. Tickets are $40 each. Register at

Rick and Ava’s simple strategies can be used by either partner to take charge and improve your relationship. These are tools you can apply to every relationship in your life — with friends, children, family, and at work. Rick and Ava ( and the DVD, ADD & Loving It!) will present a funny, moving, and powerful program.

April 2 – Corinne Eckert, registered psychologist, speaks about social skills for children with ADHD at the Parent Group meeting at 7:00 pm – 9:00 p.m. at the Misericordia Hospital.

May 3 – Dr. Russell Barkley will be presenting in recognition of Child & Adolescent Mental Health Week. The Edmonton ADHD Conference will take place at the River Cree Resort & Casino in Edmonton. Dr. Barkley will present the latest research on ADHD.


AAGE works closely with other groups in the area that offer information to our members about speakers, workshops and activities that they are sponsoring . Please check out our website for links to Learning Disabilities of Edmonton ( and Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada, Edmonton Chapter (


Educating ourselves about ADHD or Executive Dysfunction is one of the most important tools one can use to assist with coping strategies.

Following are some sources for information.

  • ADDitude Magazine has excellent articles about childhood, adolescent and adult ADHD and is worth signing up for their weekly newsletters.
  • Webcasts:ADDitude Magazine‘s ADHD Expert Podcasts and Live Webinars address topics that will help you better manage symptoms, your family, and your life.They are hosted by top experts in the field, all of whom are contributors to ADDitude Magazine.
  • Totally ADD: Rick Green is a comedian and writer who, along with his wife Ava, have produced this website that addresses the issues of ADHD. Rick shares his own journey through Adult ADHD with a comedic approach toward his challenges. This website offers many resources and webinars addressing childhood and adult ADHD.
  • CanLearn in Calgary – More Than Just Making Lists! A 10 Week Intervention Group for Adults with AD/HD. You will have the opportunity to implement, practice, and review the strategies learned. For more information about registering for this program, please contact the CanLearn Society. or call:403 686-9300 or email:
    Where: CanLearn Society (formerly Calgary Learning Centre), 3930 – 20 Street SW, Calgary, Alberta.
  • Social Skills: Child Social Skills Program will be offered starting January 25. This is a 10-week program for children between 8 and 12 years old. Parents are able to drop their children off for this group. All sessions will take place at the LD Edmonton office. For more information or to register for this program, please email or call 780-466-1011.
  • Social Skills Training in Core Social Skills by Corinne Eckert, Psych: The programs consist of 8 student sessions and 2 parent sessions beginning in January and then again in April. For more information, open this document. Or, contact Corinne at

AAGE Executive News

  • We want to thank all the volunteers willing to help us with the distribution of our outreach materials. These materials are to be distributed to educational institutions, medical offices and facilities, and any other locations that will reach those affected by ADHD.
  • We would like the names of general practitioners, psychologists, and psychiatrists who are able to treat ADHD children and adults. Please email them to
  • Jody Draganiuk has joined our AAGE Executive Board. Jody participates in both the parent and adult support groups. We are very happy to have Jody’s enthusiastic involvement.
  • We would also like to give a vote of thanks to Phil Lafon who has agreed to stay on another year as a co-facilitator for the Adult Support Group. Phil is very busy at present going to school to obtain a certificate in Social Work.

AAGE Executive

Rachel Rogers, President
Cathie Crooks, Secretary and Webmaster
Chris Evans, Member at Large and Acting Financial Manager
Dorothy Comfort, Member at Large and Publisher of the e-Newsletter
Jody Draganiuk, Member at Large

ADHD Association of Greater Edmonton

Children’s Sleep Study Survey at the University of Alberta

Children with ADHD sometimes have trouble falling asleep at night. As a parent, well aware of your child’s sleep habits, researchers at the University of Alberta are inviting you to participate in a brief survey so that we can get your perspectives on treating your child’s sleep problems. For more information about the survey, please contact the study research coordinator, Salima Punja at or 780-342-8272.