Self-Advocacy for Students

Self-advocacy is learning to speak up on your behalf and ask for what you need. It is learning to take
charge and be more independent. It builds self-confidence. Confident students feel better about
themselves, take more risks, ask for the help and clarification they need and consequently do better in
school and in life.

As students enter the higher grades it becomes increasingly important that they are able to express their
needs in a positive way as they are expected to be more independent as learners.

Download this excellent PDF resource from CanLearn Society for more information and support.

Success @ Schools Guides from ADDitude Magazine, curated by Dr. David Rabiner

David Rabiner, Research Professor at Duke University, has kindly put together a list of resources from ADDitude Magazine that might be useful to parents and students. See if there are any topics that spark your interest.

Build or Refine Your IEP or 504 Plan:

(Please note that in Alberta, we have IPPs, or Individualized Program plans Plans, rather than IEPs.)

Finding Accommodations That Work:

How your Teen with ADHD can Thrive in High School –

Test Taking Tips for High Schoolers with ADHD –

ADDitude magazine is backed by a scientific advisory board of leading mental health, behavioral, and educational experts and is a trusted source of information and advice for families touched by attention-deficit disorder. As the nation’s only independent magazine about attention-deficit disorder, ADDitude brings readers the latest news and research on ADHD, learning disabilities, and related health topics.

Online Study Skills Workshop

Many students can benefit from explicitly learning about note taking, study and test taking strategies. Foothills Academy’s online workshop allows students to learn and review study strategies conveniently at home. The Online Study Skills Workshop can benefit all students from grade 6 through to post-secondary. Participants can opt to complete it on their own or with the guidance of a parent or tutor. Additional information is provided to support students with LD and ADHD. Learn and review through videos, narrated Powerpoints, on-line surveys, polls and more. The cost is $60.

Topics covered include:
* Effective Note-taking
* Your Study Environment
* Creating a Study Schedule
* Learning Styles
* What type of learner are you?
* Test Taking
* General Test-taking tips

Suitable for: middle school, junior high, high school and post-secondary students; parents; tutors; homeschoolers

To register, complete the online registration form.

Edmonton High Schools: Open Houses and Program Guide

For those parents with a teenager heading to high school in the next year or two, please note that Edmonton Public Schools is having open houses in February and March. See their calendar for dates. You can download the High School Program Guide from the EPSB website under Publications.

For Edmonton Catholic Schools school locations, open house dates, and registration information, go to their easy-to-navigate website